Training of Surgeons


The Training of Surgeons in Africa
 Operating room teaching as well as formal lectures
 The work and surgical challenges in Africa are unique and I am involved in different capacities to train trainee surgeons and plastic surgeons for the work in Africa.
1. Trainee plastic surgeons work with me on the Africa Mercy from countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States of America and Australia.  
Surgical Trainee from Australia on board the M/V Africa Mercy
2. With PAACS I am involved in teaching general surgeons in training about the principles of plastic and reconstructive surgery problems that they might encounter and where no plastic surgeons are available. 
  Surgical Residents in training at Soddo Christian Hospital, Ethiopia
3. An online PAACS text book on plastic surgery aimed at surgeons working in Africa faced with plastic and reconstructive surgery problems has just been completed. I was privileged  to contribute 8 chapters to this book.
4. Soon to be involved with Operation Smile in the  training of local doctors in a program in Rwanda 

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