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A Call to Compassionate Action for a Hurting World





Project 2015 to 2016;    Support: Cycle Miles for Smiles


A Project to bring Smiles on Faces and Hearts

10.8 M people die each year of preventable causes,
that is 1 every 3 seconds  
                                                                                                                                                                                          The Lancet 316 June 2003
 How the Dream of Mercy Ships Became a Reality





 World Population: 7 Billion.
People living in absolute poverty: 1 Billion (15% of world population earning < US $ 1 pp per day)
No access to Health Care: 1.5 Billion (25% of world population)
40 of the 50 poorest countries on earth are in Africa

50% have no physical or financial access to any form of health care

Infant mortality in 1st year;
170/1000 -Sierra Leone
7/1000 – USA


The M/V  Africa Mercy

Seventy Million Dollar State of The Art Hospital Ship



M/V Africa Mercy is the 5th ship of Mercy Ships International founded in 1978 and based in Dallas Texas. It is a state of the art hospital ship that has replaced all the previous ships with the capacity of almost all the previous ships together and came into service in June 2007.
These hospital ships were, and through the Africa Mercy, continues to serve the poorest countries in the world with Specialist Medical and Spiritual Care
The Mission Statement of Mercy Ships:
    * Bringing Hope and Healing to the Poor
    * Serving people of all Faiths


Burn Contracture before and after release


Since 1978, Mercy Ships has performed more than 2 million services, with a value of 250 million dollars, and impacted over 5.5 million people. Some of the more notable statistics include:

More than 1,600 short-term volunteers, who all pay their own way, serve with Mercy Ships each year from more than 40 different nationalities to compliment the crew of approximately 450.



Operating Room on the Africa Mercy

Mirror Hand Deformity. Before and after thumb reconstruction


The M/V Africa Mercy has


CT Scanner on Board the africa Mercy  



  “I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these members of My family, you did it for Me!”
Matthew 25:45




I am the only Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon since 2000
who visits the ship on a regularly basis.
2-3 times per year for 2-6 weeks at a time



Tertius Venter



Nose Reconstruction



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