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Reconstructive Surgery
A Non Profit Christian Charity
Reaching Out to Touch the Forgotten


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 Supporting Doctors and Nurses to serve and take
 to those who cannot afford but desperately need it
Head and neck surgery, cleft lip and palate surgery, tumours, burn contractures, hand and feet surgery and many more to restore function
Serving the Poor through
Free Surgeries.
Training of Local  Doctors in Africa for Africa.
Training Surgeons from  Abroad in Africa for Africa.
Reconstructive Surgery
Registered in The Netherlands
as a Foundation (Stichting)
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Members  Dr Guido Kohler (Plastic Surgeon), Dr Tjeerd de Jong (Plastic Surgeon), Dr Charles Reyneke (Gynaecologist), Gerienne Lammers (Lawyer)
Support Dr Tertius Venter (Plastic Surgeon) 
Registered in South Africa
as a Trust
Registration number
Trustees Dr Charles Reyneke, Ina van den Heever (Pastor), Dr Tertius Venter
All men are by nature equal, made all of the same earth by one Workman; and however we deceive ourselves, as dear unto God is the poor peasant as the mighty prince.
Plato 424-347 BC
one heart one goal to serve the poor

When they were satisfied they became proud and forgot Me. They became guilty of material worship and spiritual death.
Hosea 13: 6 & 1
Supporting Doctors, Nurses and crew to serve with

1. Mercy Ships International
The M/v Africa Mercy is a 450 crew Christian hospital ship, offering free surgeries to the peoples of West Africa, one of the poorest regions in the world, where up to 60% of the population has no access to any form of medical care. A six operating room hospital on board doing maxillo-facial, eye, orthopaedic, general, and plastic and reconstructive surgery  on people who might otherwise never  have had the opportunity of surgery to cure their ailments.(
The Pan Africa Academy for Christian Surgeons trains surgeons   in   Africa and Is active in countries like Gabon, Niger, Kenya, Cameroon and Ethiopia training African doctors through a 5 year program credentialed by the Loma Linda University in California to become surgeons dedicated to service in Africa - currently 35 surgeons in the program. ( In the United States there are one surgeon for every 2272 people and in Ethiopia one surgeon for every 1.6M people
3. Operation Smile
Repairing cleft lip and palates in patients of all ages as it is believed that no one should be burdened and often ostracised by a defect that can be repaired in 45 minutes. It is a global charity founded by a Christian plastic surgeon and operates in all countries where the poor cannot afford surgery eg. South America, Central America, Africa, China and India (
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Email address: tertius(at)torquetalk(dot)nl   
Tertius Venter is currently working with Mercy Ships International, with PAACS and Operation Smile amongst others as fulltime volunteer offering free reconstructive surgeries to the poorest of the poor.
He is fully committed to the training of  local doctors in the countries where he serves, as well as the training of doctors and surgeons from abroad. i) through a rotational program on Mercy Ships training surgeons in the unique conditions and advanced disease processes of Africa ii) through PAACS training local African Surgeons in Africa for Africa and  iii) through an Operation Smile program training local doctors in basic principles of surgery.
And in support of other doctors and nurses with the same heart for missions serving the poor
We are entirely dependant on donations for our activities
Your help helps us to continue to help them as well as other doctors, nurses and crew who wish to volunteer their services;  

1. Through Mercy Ships - click on image

(this is tax deductible in the US, the UK and the Netherlands).
2. Or visit the Website . Under 'Gift' and then 'support a crew member', my name and if requested on the donor page  also mention my mercy ship nr #3067
3. Lloyds TSB United Kingdom (GB Pounds £)   
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