Financial Gifts

The work is all voluntary and totally dependent on financial support. Please consider helping us to help them. To restore dignity to the forgotton poor.



Donations can be made through by Direct Deposit, Paypal or a direct Mercy Ship Account


A. Direct Deposit

Banking details for direct deposits:

1. Lloyds TSB United Kingdom (GB Pounds £)   

 Account nr 14440260 (From outside the UK you might also need the Sort Code: 30-16-41 IBAN: GB39 LOYD 3016 4114 4402 60 and  BIC: LOYDIMD1002)
2. ABN Amro Nederland (Euros)

Account nr 81 66 62 029 (From outside of The Netherlands you might also need the IBAN nr: NL14ABNA0816662029 and  BIC: ABNANL2A)
3. Nedbank South Africa (ZAR Rand)

Account nr  1263087604  Branch nr 121021 (From outside South Africa you might also need the Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ)
Account Name THJ Venter

For regular monthly donations:

1. Kindly set your internet  banking to automatically  transfer an amount monthly or

2. Arrange for a  debit order with your bank.


B. PayPal




C. Support through Mercy Ships Account:


Click below and it will take you directly to my Mercy Ship account; 




(donations via Mercy Ships is tax deductible in the US, the UK and the Netherlands).