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Bloemen zonder Grond Ministry
Flowers without soil

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news
Isaiah 52:7

When the Message came to you, it wasn't just words. Something happened in you. The Holy Spirit put steel in your convictions.
1 Thes 1:5
A Ministry telling each one that they are precious
and loved by God
Giving them a choice and a chance to walk out
Between 23:00 and 02:00 with Bibles in three languages; Dutch, English and Spanish,  a CD about the love of God for each of us by Kees Kraayenoord (God of the Moon and Stars), a pamphlet prayerfully put together over months, also in three languages, and the most significant words in the universe  'God loves you' I would visit three to four girls per night when in Amsterdam asking God to show me where to knock and enter. Almost without exception I would be friendly accepted and allowed in, also my gift for them. and at times end up in conversations about God in Christ.


Human trafficking for sexual exploitation is the second largest organized criminal activity in the world today after illegal drugs - the inexpressible pain that accompanies these woman and children, the destruction of lives for financial gain exploiting sexual lust is just incomprehensible
Sexual violence
Although little research has been conducted, evidence at the global level suggests that in some countries nearly 25% of women may experience sexual violence by an intimate partner, and one third of adolescent girls report their first sexual experience as resulting from force. In a survey of a representative sample of the general population aged over 15 years in the Czech Republic, 11.6% of women reported having been forced into sexual contact during their lives, and 3.4% reported that this had happened more than once. In the United Kingdom, 23% of women in North London reported having been subjected to either attempted or completed rape by a partner. The corresponding figures for Finland and Switzerland were 5.9% and 11.6%, respectively.
Sexual trafficking and its consequences are serious problems in the European Region, where
thousands of women and girls are sold into prostitution or sexual slavery each year. Research in Kyrgyzstan has estimated that around 4000 people were sold out of the country, with their principal destinations being China, Germany, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Of the victims of trafficking, 62% reported being forced to work without pay, while over 50% reported being physically abused or tortured by their employers. A study by the International Organization for Migration ( estimated that 10–15% of 2000 known foreign prostitutes in Belgium had been forcibly sold from abroad. In Italy, a study of some 19 000–25 000 foreign prostitutes estimated that 2000 of them were victims of trafficking. Most of these women were under 25 years of age and came from the CCEE and NIS.

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